Christmas Markets

Visiting a Christmas Market on your Vacation

Taking a Christmas vacation in a city where there is a Christmas market can be a fun, unique experience. It will definitely get you in the spirit of the Christmas holiday if you get to visit one.

Christmas Market

Christmas Market

A Christmas market is a street market that is held during the four weeks of Advent. Christmas markets originated in Germany and Austria but now are held all over the world.

The Dresden Christmas market in Germany was first held in 1434 and is one of the oldest Christmas markets. It brings in over 1.5 million visitors each year.

Christmas markets sell food, drinks, and seasonal items and have singing and dancing. They are held outdoors and include the nativity scene display and traditional foods. Handmade items and Christmas decorations and ornaments are found at a Christmas market. They are held all over the world so it’s easy for people to take Christmas breaks to visit one for a few days.

Best Markets to Visit during Christmas Holiday

Vienna Christmas Market

Vienna Christmas Market

Piazza Navona Christmas market in Rome is a traditional market with Santa Claus and the nativity scene, along with stalls of goodies to buy. Kids wander around looking for Santa Claus while parents shop. The Piazza del Popolo has over 200 nativity scenes on display.

Old Town Square in Prague is one of the most popular Christmas markets. The market stalls are made of traditional wooden chalets and host a variety of foods and decorations to be bought. They are open for four weeks and are busy, regardless of the weather. Handmade puppets are a popular stocking stuffer to be found in this market.

The markets in Munich are some of the oldest ones on record. They sell traditional wood carvings, gingerbread, and beautiful glassware. Children can do arts and crafts or bake cookies to keep them entertained. There are musical concerts during the markets. Over 20 markets are open in Munich during this season and boast unique handmade gifts, including cribs and other nativity scene pieces.

Schonbrunn Castle is a market in Vienna held in a castle where festive concerts are held almost daily. Mulled wine and gingerbread are popular treats to enjoy while listening to the music. Spittelburg is Vienna’s most authentic Christmas market and is held in the historical quarter of the town in narrow granite stone alleyways. It contains many unique handcrafted items you can buy for gifts.

Taking your vacation in a city that has several of these interesting markets will provide a fun experience along with a chance to buy one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts. The atmosphere and music will be plenty to get and keep you in the holiday spirit.

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