Top Christmas Vacation Destinations

If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate the Christmas holiday, consider one of these Christmas vacation destinations or another one like them. A Christmas vacation can be an educational way to learn about other places and how they celebrate the holiday. Taking Christmas breaks can be a relaxing way to avoid the stress of planning for the holiday season.

Paris - Christmas Vacation Destination

Paris - Christmas Vacation Destination

Paris, France is the most romantic place to go if you are looking for Christmas vacation destinations to spend as a couple. The city has its share of Christmas markets and shops, along with wonderful holiday food and festive lights.

One place to consider for a Christmas vacation destination is New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s a world of it’s own anytime, so Christmas is very different here than anywhere else. Experience the atmosphere of a Creole Christmas with the unique music, food, and decorations blended together in the French Quarter.

For European Christmas vacation destinations, consider Germany. Known for it’s Christmas celebrations and holiday food, this is a fun, spirited location to spend a holiday. There are more than 2,500 Christmas markets to visit in Germany, which will suit anyone who loves to celebrate the holiday.

Christmas in Switzerland

Christmas in Switzerland

Switzerland is a magical place for a Christmas vacation destination. Bundled in snow, the quaint villages celebrate the holiday with an Old World style charm. From the ringing of the bells to delicious food, you will enjoy your holiday here.

Other Christmas vacation destinations that incorporate their local flavor into the celebrations and are fun for visitors are San Antonio, Texas and Puebla, Mexico. Maui, Hawaii can provide a tropical interpretation on Christmas celebrations for an open-minded traveler who doesn’t require snow to get in the festive holiday mood.

New York City is famous for its celebrations. From the Macy’s parade to the lighting of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, the world has watched this city celebrate the holidays. It would be even more fun to be there in person and it’s always one of the most popular Christmas vacation destinations.

Another wonderful Christmas vacation destination in Europe is Vienna, Austria. Known for its amazing Christmas markets, it is also popular as a ski resort.

Bethlehem, Palestine is one of the more unique places to choose for Christmas vacation destinations. But it is popular as the birthplace of the original meaning of Christmas and draws large groups of people during the holiday season.

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